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LBI Fishing Reports


LBI Fishing Report 7/4/2016: Hi Everyone, Just heard from the boat. It looks like they had a pretty some pretty fair fishing over the last few days with catches of fluke. sea bass and even a black drum. Checkout our photo gallery or our facebook page for the lattest photos.

LBI Fishing Report 7/4/2016: Hi Folks, Just heard from Captain Frank and they had great day of fishing this morning! Here it is from the man himself: "With Northeast winds warming up our fishing grounds, we were able to find a good number of keepers and lots of shorts." Pool winner was a 24 inch five pounder. Checkout our photo gallery to see todays catch! Drifting conditions were good with a west wind and outgoing tide. The keepers we found were laying in the deeper water along cuts in the current. In addition to the keepers taken yesterday, todays keepers prove that the season is picking up with the warmer weather and water as July begins to unfold.