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LBI Fishing Report 8/14/2015: Fishing in ocean wasn't so bad today! Had quite number of shorts, some keepers and a few mackerel.

LBI Fishing Report 8/6/2015: Had 70 people this morning nothing in ocean but we came back in bay last hour and caught a keeper and bunch of shorts. Lots action in bay afternoon.

LBI Fishing Report 8/5/2015: Had bout 70-75 people this morning in ocean but not many fish no keepers. This afternoon in the bay we caught 3 keepers the biggest was 23 inch bout 5 lb. We were catching little seabass, sharks, fluke all afternoon at least made the trip worth while.The kids had a blast. Aidan and Liam caught a keeper together with dad. Sean managed to catch 2 keepers himself on some bucktail. Bay has been little more productive but hopefully ocean picks up.

LBI Fishing Report 7/29/2015: Pretty much the same story this week, fishing has been somewhat slow. We got 2 keepers this morning. Had plenty of people on board though!!! Sometimes not having a lot of fish means not much competition for a nice fat pool win! All you need is the bigger of the few and you will get the cash!!! Its all fun still!!!

LBI Fishing Report 7/24/2015: Only 2 keeper fluke and about 4-5 seabass. Not lot of shorts bout 40 people. Not much action all Jillian caught a keeper this afternoon. Bout 30 people, lots and lots of action with short seabass, fluke and sharks

LBI Fishing Report 7/17/2015: We had about 28 people this morning 0 keeper in ocean. After a couple shorts we ended up coming back in bay to fish last hour caught more shorts Bout 20 afternoon 1 keeper 23 inch 3.5-4 lb and dozen shorts or so.

LBI Fishing Report 7/15/2015: Couple keepers yesterday with a dozen or so shorts. Bout 45 people in morning. No afternoon trip. Wednesday didn't have a trip because of weather.

LBI Fishing Report 7/11/2015: We caught 2 keeper fluke and 1 keeper sea bass today. Old man artie caught them today and Stan caught the seabass. There were about 20 shorts and lots skates. Bout 35 people on board Artie won the pool.

LBI Fishing Report 7/7/2015: We only had 1 keeper yesterday. Not many people. Very few shorts. Today 1 keeper in morning one in afternoon. Only 20 people this morning and 50 this afternoon. Not many shorts either. Anthony had the keeper this morning (in blue stripe shirt see Photo Gallery for recent pics) Hopefully things pick up.

LBI Fishing Report 7/3/2015: This morning we stayed in the bay/inlet and caught 10-12 keepers. Lots of shorts today and about 35 people. The pool winner was bout 3-3.5 lbs and second place wasn't far behind it. Afternoon we had 2 keepers lots shorts again about 30 people. Pink is definetly hot color now!!!

LBI Fishing Report 6/26/2015: No morning trip today with the rainy weather. Had bout 35 this afternoon including 16 on a bachelor party. Started with bunch of shorts but it faded out with the tide. Managed to get a 19 inch fluke. Lime green was today's top hit in fluke bite.

LBI Fishing Report 6/23/2015: We started on Monday with a moderate amount of fares. We had few a shorts, sharks, sea Robins. Today we managed to get a keeper. Jeffrey and Wyatt reeled in an 18 1/2 fluke.

LBI Fishing Report 6/14/2015: Sunday we tried several spots the best action was down around the inlet we had 8 shorts and one keeper fluke and a 5 pound bluefish. Fluke fishing should improve over the next couple of weeks as water temperatures rise. We are starting full time on Monday June 22, one trip each day sailing at 8am to noon until Friday June 26 we will start our afternoon schedule also 1pm to 4 pm.

LBI Fishing Report 5/15/2015: Hi Folks, We are kicking off our spring season and sailing Saturday May 23th and Sunday May 24th for fluke in the bay from 8 am to noon. Also we will do a sunset cruise on Saturday May 23th and Sunday May 24th at 7 pm.

LBI Fishing Report 11/26/2014: Hi Folks, just got word from Captain Frank that the Thanksgiving day trip is canceled due to the weather and those interested in the weekend Trip should call the day before to check if conditions improved enough to sail. Also this will be our last weekend fishing this year as we are heading up in the boatyard for the winter... Have a wonderful holiday, be safe, blessed and see you all in the springtime!

LBI Fishing Report 11/06/2014: Hi Folks, Tommy here, Just got word from Captain Frank regarding our fall schedule. Current trips for November are posted on the Special Trips Page. Please refer any questions regarding our November trips to Captain Brant at (609) 290-3255. Tuna fishing in October was a bust as the weather never cooperated. Hopefully the Tog will be biting and we are looking forward to seeing everyone for a few more trips in November!

LBI Fishing Report 9/29/2014: Hey Folks, just heard from Captain Frank. Saturday's Fluke-a-thon turned out to be a bust, with two keepers and a dozen or so shorts. Stan Whitaker took the final fluke pool of the season. It seems Wednesday's big heave killed the fishing. We still have available space on our October 18th and 25th tuna trips so come and join us for a chance at some seriously big fish!

LBI Fishing Report 9/22/2014: Sunday we tried inshore and found not many bites so we worked are way out to deeper water. We starting catching shorts and keepers and some nice seabass. High hook today was John cheeseman with 3 nice fluke. Pool winner was Bob from the rainbow hunting club with a 6 lb fluke. Next Saturday is the last day of fluke we are doing a 10 hr trip departing at 6 am looking forward to seeing ya. Thanks Capt Frank

LBI Fishing Report 9/08/2014: This past week end fishing was pretty good on Saturday we had several limit catches and a fair amount of fish over 3 lbs. Stan Whitaker from the poconos won the pool with an 8 lb fluke and there were over 40 keepers onboard. Sunday was a little bumpy fishing was pretty good also lots of fish caught by days end we had over 20 keepers, I even had 3 lol. See ya next weekend. Capt. Frank

LBI Fishing Report 9/07/2014: Hey Folks, I dont have a complete report as Frank hasn't sent me an email yet however, I heard that Saturdays trip was another winner with over 40 keepers on board and lots of action with the shorties. Naturally this happens on the days I cant be there! So congrats to all those who put fish in the box and for everyone else like me, come out next weekend while the gett'n is good! Pictures are up on the photo gallery for Saturday's Trip... Enjoy!

LBI Fishing Report 9/01/2014: Captain Frank reports Monday's Fluke a thon was a tremendous success with over 45 keepers coming aboard and hundreds of shorties. Big Mouth Bob won the pool with a 5 pounder. Reminder, we are only running weekends now and have another fluke a thon 9/27. Also, spots are filling up for our October tuna trips check out Special Trips for details! Pictures are up on the photo gallery for Monday's Trip... Enjoy!

LBI Fishing Report 8/30/2014: Hey everyone first off I would like to say it was pleasure fishing with everyone yet again this year! I cannot believe I've actually been aboard 3 times in one summer! Today was as the weatherman predicted with 10 to 15kt winds and a 3 foot swell. 8 ounces held best for mono and 4-5oz with braid. It was kind of a slow pick all day with several shorts a couple of sea bass and a few nice keeper fluke mixed in. It seems like the nicer fish were caught up in the bow today with boat bait seemingly topping gulp jiggers. Pool winner for the day was Caleb Larson from Easton PA with nice chunky fluke. George Burnite of Beach Haven came in for a close second.(BTW The best pineapples ever!). Even Kelsey and family put some keepers in the box! Pictures are up on the photo gallery for all those interested!

LBI Fishing Report 8/16/2014: Ok so today I have a hands on fishing report for everyone as I was onboard to experience the day! Today was pretty much as the weatherman predicted with light winds and calm seas. There were some nice catches of fluke today with some guys having four or five keepers yet others had none. Folks there is some skill required with these fish and I suggest doing a little research on Youtube to see some of the techniques others use to improve there catches. I didnt catch the name of the pool winner as of yet but he had a nice 6 to 7lb fluke. I will post his name as soon as I find out. Shame on me for now on I will carry a note pad when I come aboard. I managed to put two fish in the cooler today including a nice 4-5 pounder! Bucktails and Gulp seemed to be the ticket on the bigger fish once again. There were vast schools of bunker out there and we had a 4 foot Hammerhead Shark swim by the boat today as well! Anyhow it was a pleasure seeing everyone again and I look forward to getting in another trip or two! FYI All photos are up on the photos page click on the link above to check them out!

LBI Fishing Report 8/14/2014: Just spoke to Captain Frank, and he told me fishing on the ocean has improved with the keeper/short ratio slowly rising. Seems like gulp and jigs were putting more fish in the box. Pool winner last Sunday was Mike Emers from Medford, NJ and high hook was Ray with 4 keepers and Teddy Alves had 2 in the box. Weather and Sea Conditions are looking like they will improve on Saturday with forcasters calling for west winds 5 to 10 kts and 2ft swells with a dominant period of 8 seconds. Sunday looks like southwest winds at 10-15kts seas 3-4ft in moderate chop with chance of showers. So gather your gear come out fishing with us!

LBI Fishing Report 7/19/2014: From Tommy: Hey Folks it was a pleasure seeing you all today! Its been a long time since I have been onboard and it was just good to get out and fish. Seems like the fishing was just a pick with a mix of shorts and some keepers. Those that went in the box were nice fish in the 3 to 5 lb range. Bucktails tipped with bubblegum colored gulp were the meal of choice for the keepers. I might start to like this again and show up more often! Anyhow, all the photos I took are now posted please check out our photo gallery and feel free to download a copy as you wish. Like they say keep a tight line!

LBI Fishing Report 7/13/2014: Fishing was pretty good again despite the 20 knot winds. Most of the guys were fishing 10 oz spros and gulp by the days end you need to have 12 oz sinkers to hold bottom,we had 15 keepers today the largest was a 5.5 lb fluke caught by Mike Emers from Tabernacle NJ. was our pool winner. It was good to Ted alves back in action he aslo had a couple of keepers, also BMB and Mrs. Clampers AKA Linda had 3 fish all over 3 lbs. See ya next week Capt Frank

LBI Fishing Report 7/12/2014: Today we had a great bite despite the wind dropping out and a no drift, most anglers had success on buck tails. Our pool winner was George Burnite with a 7 pounder, and we had a bunch over 5 pounds. Capt. Frank

LBI Fishing Report 6/22/2014: The first drift of the day was the best we boated several nice size fluke. Tried different spots we pick away on shorts and once in a while a keeper most of the fish were caught on buck tails and gulp. Pool winner today was Mike Emers from Medford with a 5.5 lb. fluke. We are starting full time on Wednesday June 25 sailing 1/2 days for fluke.

LBI Fishing Report 6/21/2014: We sailed today with about a dozen fares fluke fishing was pretty good lots of shorts were caught and several keepers .High hook was two fluke today and the biggest fish was close to 7lbs.I fished several days this week with private charters with excellent results high hook on Wednesday was Art Wolf from Beach Haven with 4 fish over 3lbs each. We are sail daily day trips starting June 25 any questions give us a call.

LBI Fishing Report 3/28/2014: Hi Folks Tommy here, Can we really even say its spring yet? The snow keeps falling, the wind keeps howling and it seems the temperatures are struggling to get above 40! We know you all are having cabin fever based on all the emails I am receiving so I called Captain Frank to get the low down... He stated that the most tentative and I MEAN TENTATIVE potential start date is Saturday April 19th. This all depends on whether we can get the boat in dry dock for maintenance as the Marina is getting a late start due to the weather. Keep checking back here or on our facebook page for updates. 'Til then its a good time to clean and lube your reels, put some new line on em and get rid of all your rusty hooks laying in the bottom of your tacklebox!

LBI Fishing Report 12/23/2013: Our apologies folks but we won't be sailing this weekend (12/28) due to family obligations. We will be be back in action the first Saturday in January (1/4). Give us a call to check availability. On behalf of the Captains, crew and myself, we wish everyone of you a happy & healthy holiday and all the best in the new year. ..(Tommy P.)

LBI Fishing Report 11/30/2013: Today we had a slow pick with the blackfish and only managed about a dozen keepers. The water looked like pea soup from all the wind this week. Our pool winner was Howard from Pt. Pleasant with an 8.6 pounder.

LBI Fishing Report 11/27/2013: Sorry folks but our Thanksgiving Striper trip has been canceled based on the the following marine forecast for Thursday: "NW winds 25 to 30 kt with gusts up to 45 kt...diminishing to 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 5 to 8 ft: (NOAA) Looks like things will subside Thursday evening and conditions should be good for black friday.

LBI Fishing Report 11/24/2013: Had a light crowd on Saturday but still managed some good fishing. Most guys ended up with 2-4 keepers each. Pool winner was Pizza Pete with a 4 pounder and he had 3 keepers total. REMINDER Open Boat Specials- Thanksgiving morning (6am-noon) Stripers (they were super thick down by us Sat). Black Friday- (7am-3pm) Black fish.

LBI Fishing Report 11/10/2013: For our first action in a few weeks we kicked things off with a 10 hour sea bass trip. We had great results with over 250 keeper sea bass!!! With a handful of them 3-4 pounds. We also had a mix of black fish, ling and porgies. Pool winner was George from Beach Haven with a 4.3-pound sea bass. We still have some availability for opening day black fish next Saturday (6am-2pm)

LBI Fishing Report 11/1/2013: Hey all, We have wrapped up our Fall tuna trips for 2013 with this weekend being a blow out with the forecast. We want to remind you all that we are now taking reservations for all special sea bass/ strippers/ black fish trips! Our first trip starts next Saturday (11/9) Call to reserve as spots are filling up fast.

Tommy Notes 10/15/2013: Well Folks Google has finally dropped the Axe on our homepage interactive weather gadget. I have put up a basic IR Satellite image for now until I can find something better. Sorry for any inconvienience this may have caused.

LBI Fishing Report 9/15/2013: This weekend the fluke were not cooperating at all. After a couple of great trips the bite completely shut off and the conditions were less than ideal to fish. Most guys were using 14 plus ounces to hold bottom and the wind did not lay down like the forecast suggested. It seems that the fluke bite can be spotty and turn on/off at any time. We are ending our fluke season next weekend (September 21,22) with two 8 hour fluke trips (7am-3pm) $60 per angler. Then its on to our open boat tuna schedule!

LBI Fishing Report 9/07/2013: Same story as last week, fishing is still hot! We didn't have a great drift and still ended up with over 55 keepers, a few had their limit and to many throwbacks to count. Today's pool winner was Arty Wolf with a 7.08 fluke. Tomorrows conditions look even better than today's. Reminder about our fluke a thons next Saturday 9/14, as well as 9/21 and 9/22. Also still reserving spots for tuna trips.

LBI Fishing Report 9/02/2013: We wrapped up our summer with our fluke marathon and had great success. We topped Saturdays trip and ended up with 68 keepers! Hope to see you all next weekend for our 3/4 day trips and our September 14 and 21st ten hour fluke A thons. Reservations required.

LBI Fishing Report 8/31/2013: We ended up with 63 keepers and had 10 keepers over 5 pounds and even a few double headers! Multiple anglers had their limits and some had them by the end of the first drift. We are expecting similar results tomorrow and Monday for our 10-hour fluke a thon.

LBI Fishing Report 8/17/2013: Saturday we had steady fish coming over board and ended up with around 16-18 keepers. Mike from Barnegat was our pool winner for the 2nd week in a row with a 5 pounder.

LBI Fishing Report 8/05/2013: We ended up with 35 keeper fluke and a bunch 5 pounds and bigger. We also had a dozen or so sea bass. Today's pool winner was Bob with a 5 pounder.

LBI Fishing Report 7/27/2013: Finally the fluke have arrived in the ocean! After Thursdays NE blow, the ocean water is back up near 70 degrees and the water looks great. We caught a ton of fluke today and ended up with double digit keeper fluke most of them big (3-5 pounds) and managed to pick at a few sea bass. Some anglers had 3 and 4 keepers each and the pool winner was Mike E. with a 5 pound Fluke. Hopefully see you guys tomorrow when we get after the fish again!

LBI Fishing Report 7/23/2013: Fishing in the bay is still hot! Caught plenty of nice fluke and the pool winner was 7 pounds.

LBI Fishing Report 7/22/2013: Plenty of action in the bay on the incoming tide! A lot of fluke coming over the rail and a solid keeper ratio. The ocean water temp is back in the mid 60s after that steady SW wind and the bite has been slower. We will give an update when they start chewing in the ocean again, but in the meantime we will gladly catch them in the bay.

LBI Fishing Report 7/9/2013: Sorry for the delayed reports. This past week we have seen some slow pick fishing. Considering the wind has been blowing out of the south for a few weeks, The water is COLD. We have had some success pulling keeper fluke out of the bay mid last week. The weekend the ocean was 57 degrees caught over 2 dozen short fluke and ended up with 3 keepers ranging 17 1/2 - 22 inches. Also had about a dozen decent sea bass. The fishing will improve when the wind direction changes so stay tuned.

LBI Fishing Report 6/16/2013: Today's fishing was a lot better than yesterday's slow pick. We began the day drifting for fluke and ended up anchoring for sea bass. Even though the fluke were not cooperating, we ended up catching some nice sea bass. Solid bite once we anchored, double headers and some anglers went home with double digit keepers. But everybody went home with a nice Father's Day dinner! Happy Father's Day!!!

LBI Fishing Report 5/27/2013: We had tough conditions but at least it was sunny on Memorial Day. The water temperature was in the low 50s (which is uncommon for this time of year) and there was not enough wind or current to anchor on the wrecks. That being said, many of our anglers were able to catch a fair amount of sea bass. Most had between 5-10 keepers each. Norm won the pool with a nice sea bass.

LBI Fishing Report 4/28/2013: Sunday we headed south looking for a clear wreck to fish, but the nice weather brought out a lot of boats. We fished 3 spots today, had lots of shorts and a few guys caught their limit. With the Blackfish season over, we are headed to the boatyard this week to take care of some annual maintenance. Don't worry; we will be back in the water in time for the open of Sea bass!

LBI Fishing Report 4/27/2013: Saturday April 27, 2013 we fished 5 spots today, a lot of fish caught and a lot of limits. Pool winners today were Chessman John from Manahawkin and Bob Endrzejewski from Trenton. To close to call, they decided to split the pool, both fish were right around 6 lbs.

LBI Fishing Report 4/21/2013: Sunday we had a nice turn out for the Cinnaminson high school Lacrosse fundraiser. We fished 3 spots today, the first stop had plenty of life, and we picked away at keepers and lots of shorts. Second stop there was lots of shorts and one keeper. Last stop was pretty good lots of action on smaller fish and keeper tog as well. Pool winner today was Craig Angelini with a 6.5lber and a limit catch. Thank you and good luck this season. Next weekend Sat 27th and Sunday the 28th last chance for blackfish for the spring. The grand finale will start at 7am to 3pm both days.

LBI Fishing Report 4/14/2013: Sunday conditions were poor again no wind and no current until 12 noon, we fished 5 spots today. You had to work hard for every fish some guys did very well. By the days end we put over 20 keepers in the boat. Pool winner today was George from Manahawkin with a 9 lber, just a reminder we are sailing next Saturday April 20 at 7am. Sunday April 21 we are sold out as Cinnaminson high school is doing a fund raiser for their lacrosse team. If you are interested call Craig at (856)261-4191

LBI Fishing Report 4/13/2013: Saturday we headed out today with a light crowd. I fished two spots today. Anchoring conditions were poor with a huge swell out of the east and a light wind causing lots of swinging. We had a couple of limits today average was 1 to three fish per guy and some had none including me LOL. Pool winner today was Bob Endrzejeski from Trenton NJ with a 9 lber and Daren Grabo was right on his heels with a 8 lber. We are sailing next Saturday April 20 at 7 am Sunday April 21 we are not sailing.

Tommy's Notes 4/1/2013: Looks like Google's weather gadget has been re-activated... We have our radar back!!! Anyhow, just spoke with Captain Frank, he stated he will let me know when the season opener will be... I'm guessing in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned and don't forget to get some new line on your reels and give em a drop of oil or two. Tommy

LBI Fishing Report 1/12/2013: We headed out today the seas were calm and there was a light north wind, water temp was 43 degrees .We fished three spots today a very slow bite. A few shorts were caught and every once in a while a keeper would come over the rail. We used crabs, clams and shrimp in 70 to 95 feet of water. By the end of the day we had 18 keepers onboard a couple of ling and sea bass. High hook today was Russian John with 4 fish and George from waretown won the pool again with a nice tog. Next Saturday we will try again weather permitting please call me to reserve we sail at 6am and return around 3pm. THANKS CAPTAIN FRANK 609-978-9951 PS: IF THE WEATHER IS BAD SATURDAY WE WILL TRY TO SAIL ON SUNDAY INSTEAD!

LBI Fishing Report 1/05/2013: Saturday despite the crappy forcast we me managed to get out. A fair amount of action today with lots of shorts and some nice size black fish came over the rails. George from Waretown won the pool with a 4.5 lber he also had his limit. Several others had 2 to 3 keepers and I had a 6 and 9 pounder. Next Saturday we are sailing for Cod, Ling and blackfish reservations are required the boat sails at 6Am and returns at 3pm.The fare is $60 please call to reverve Thanks Capt. Frank