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New Topic: Tommy's Blog.

Welcome to our new topics of interest page where you will soon find articles of interest on a variety of subject matter either written by myself or submitted from captains or crew.

Fins and Folly (Tommy's Blog): Come join me Tommy P, Miss Beach Haven's web designer, as I fish for trout or just hike around in the Garden State, Connecticut and occasionally New York. There are links to USGS river conditions sites for many popular New Jersey streams and the site is updated weekly. So come follow the fun as I trod about the streams or woods with my girlfriend Tracy and check out my blog!

A Reel Journey: Well folks there are fish tales and there are true stories, and as God, my friends Dave & Mike could attest, This really did happen. Read and Enjoy

What to bring fishing: Ever ask yourself what to bring fishing? Here is a list of things you may want to consider.

Wreckfishing Basics: Catching big Sea Bass and Tog for a novice can be frustrating. This article covers the basics of party boat wreck fishing.

Seasickness: A comprehensive look at motion sickness with tips and links to remedies to help avoid it.

Fluke Fishing Basics: After many years working at Scotts Bait-n-Tackle and 8 years of party boat fluke fishing from the Atlantic Highlands on a regular basis, I felt comfortable to write this article. All are welcome to add to it, email me tommype5@verizon.net and I will consider all posts. What works for some doesn't always work for others..Don't forget... ITS FISHING!